Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hope For FHA Training

There is hope for FHA trainers since the fha training manual is available now. This is an FHA training program that is cheap. The better fha program is free and if it isn't free then an fha program that is cheap is next best. Take a look at the FHA training program and post a comment to let me know that it was helpful. help yourself with an fha trining program and you will then understand FHA and maybe one day yuou can blog about it like me. FHA is fun when you have the right training.

FHA Training Material

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The New FHA Short Sale Program

One of th most interesting facets of the new FHA short sale program is the fact that it supersedes and is updated from the Mortgagee Letters with these new forms. Here is what I am talking about. Examine the FHA preforeclosure short sale text:

This ML supersedes in its entirety ML 1994-45, “HUD’s Nationwide Pre-Foreclosure
Sale (PFS) Procedure”. It also supersedes the section (pages 29-35) of ML
2000-05, “Loss Mitigation Program-Comprehensive Clarification of Policy and
Notice of Procedural Changes” that describes Pre-Foreclosure Sale

For more information on the FHA short sale program or FHA pre-foreclosure, visit one of the preceding websites. Also, FHA Mortgage Loans for purchasing preforeclosures at a discount in Florida.